Specials 1.21.2022

Actually, the date is a feint, since we have no specials on Friday 1.21.2022, as we’re celebrating a birthday. We will have the following specials Saturday evening and all day Sunday, though:

Chicken and Waffle sliders 3 for $5

Gallina en Huarache 2 for $5 (translates as “Chicken in Sandals,” this is a fruity, spicy Mexican chicken served over thick, oval, bean-stuffed tortillas, hence the “sandal” part.)

Turkish Cheese Boreks 5 for $5 (v) (feta and spices wrapped in phyllo, fried, served with roasted garlic yogurt sauce)

And for the Bills game, we have:

Triple Bypass Basket for $7 (tator tots tossed in hot sauce, topped with chili, onions, hot peppers, and Velveeta cheese sauce)

And blue shots, of course!

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