Trivia Results and Standings

11.15.23Place PointsScoreTotal
The JRS55656
Camp Turkey Nest35252
Pskis Win15050
Beer Makes Smart03737
The New Guys03535
I Don’t Know03434
The JRS1049105
Camp Turkey Nest64799
Pskis Win24292
Beer Makes Smart03673
The New Guys0035
I Don’t Know0034
The JRS1451156
Camp Turkey Nest1158157
Pskis Win248140
Beer Makes Smart554127
The New Guys0035
I Don’t Know0034
Pskis Win755195
The JRS1754210
Camp Turkey Nest1250207
Beer Makes Smart530157
The New Guys0035
I Don’t Know0034
Pskis Win745240
The JRS2054264
I Don’t Know01852
Team Lazer Beam55959
Beer Makes Smart553210
Camp Turkey Nest1247254
The New Guys000
Pskis Win848288
The JRS2357321
I Don’t Know0052
Team Lazer Beam0059
Beer Makes Smart00210
Camp Turkey Nest1759313
The New Guys000