Specials for Weekend 7.5.24

Boy, Mark Twain really hated the Fourth of July holiday!

“The business aspects of the Fourth of July is not perfect as it stands. See what it costs us every year with loss of life, the crippling of thousands with its fireworks, and the burning down of property. It is not only sacred to patriotism and universal freedom, but to the surgeon, the undertaker, the insurance offices – and they are working it for all it is worth.”

Well, we’ll be closed that day, and will endeavor to stay out of the hospital.

We will re-open on Friday, and will have food specials that day only, then 104 Country will join us Sunday. Enjoy the holiday (maybe by reading Huck Finn).

Food Specials (FRIDAY ONLY):

Artichokes French over Spaghetti — $10

Zucchini, Tomato, and Black Olives — $5/$7

No breakfast sandwiches Sunday, sorry, bloody marys and mimosa will be flowing, though…

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