Specials for Weekend 3.15.24

Time for celebrating things Celtic, and no, that does not mean beer which makes tomorrow’s piss an emerald event. Or it does, if that’ s your bother, so have it, and I’ll have another.


I have lived in important places, times

When great events were decided; who owned

That half a rood of rock, a no-man’s land

Surrounded by our pitchfork-armed claims.

I heard the Duffys shouting ‘Damn your soul!’

And old McCabe stripped to the waist, seen

Step the plot defying blue cast-steel –

‘Here is the march along these iron stones’

That was the year of the Munich bother. Which

Was more important? I inclined

To lose my faith in Ballyrush and Gortin

Till Homer’s ghost came whispering to my mind.

He said: I made the Iliad from such

A local row. Gods make their own importance.

–Patrick Kavanagh

Food Specials (Saturday and Sunday only, ‘til gone)

Dublin Coddle (bacon, banger, and potato stew) w/Brown Bread — $10

Colcannon – Mashed potato w/scallions and kale and butter — $5/$7

Cheese and Onion Toasties — $5

Drink Specials (Friday evening through Sunday):

$4 pints Smithwicks or Murphy’s or Navigator shot

$3.50 shots of Jameson, Tullamore Dew, Powers Irish whiskey

$3.00 Green Tea or Mystic Mint shots




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