Specials for Weekend 3.1.24

Nearly typed “2.30.24,” this leap year thing is messing me up. No, folks in the UK did not riot in 1752 when they switched to the Gregorian Calendar and 11 days got “lost,” but it’s a great story anyway. No food specials this weekend, apologies, we have an event on Friday, and have plenty enough to do getting ready for next week’s specials, when we’ll be back in a regular month and ready to rock.

Slow Music

The building is closed. Sun beats in through the windowpanes

and warms the surfaces of desks

strong enough to bear the weight of human destiny.

We’re outdoors today, on the long wide slope.

Many in dark clothing. You can stand in the sun with your eyes closed

and feel yourself being blown slowly forward.

I come to the water so rarely. But I’m here now,

among large stones with peaceful backs.

Stones that slowly wandered backward out of the waves.

— Tomas Transtromer

(trans. Patty Crane)

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