Specials for Weekend 2.23.24

The word “party” has it’s origin in Old French and Latin roots that refer to partitioning, setting aside, and so parties are set apart from the normal flow of time, the from the regular old flow of day after day. “Celebrate” derives from celebrare, assemble to honor, and by the 1550s it had come to mean “commemorate or honor with demonstrations of joy.” We missed Mardis Gras this year, and hope to get back sometime soon, but we can still celebrate in the spirit of that great party with some N’Awlins food specials.

“Party Ship”

You are a

land I can’t

stand leaving

and can’t not.

My party ship

is pulling out.

We all have

hats. I try to

toot some notes

you’ll understand

but this was not

our instrument

or plan.

–Kay Ryan

Food specials (Friday and Saturday only):

YaKaMein (aka Old Sober) – noodles, stewed beef, hard boiled egg, and scallions, guaranteed to get your head right – $10

Creole Shrimp Salad – $6/$8

Beignets – 3 for $5

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