Specials for Weekend 11.9.23

The Zero appeared in Babylon, then later in India, where it became a full-fledged number, rather than a notation. The Mayans developed the zero independent of India, and then the Indian version made its way to North Africa, then to Italy (via Fibbonacci) in 1220, and, eventually, to the “New” World. No one knows if the two Zeroes met and smooched when the Indian version arrived.

And that, not coincidentally, is how many food specials we’ll have this weekend: Zero, because the cook is headed to Cleveland for a concert. This will be the last travel for a while, so a gusher of food and drink specials is forthcoming….

“Nothing can come of nothing, speak again.”

(King Lear, Act 1 Scene 1)

A few previews of upcoming events: Trivia – Wednesday, Nov 15; Open Mic – Friday, Nov 17; Our 2nd Anniversary Party, Saturday, Dec 9!

See y’all next weekend!

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