Specials for Weekend 11.3.23

Now that the pageantry of Halloween has passed, let the pageantry of Dia de los Muertos commence! Well, something like pageantry: we are setting up a shrine in the bar for folks to set photos of loved ones who’ve passed on, and we’ll have some food and drink specials that we hope will help everyone get in the mood to laugh and cry and remember and all the rest that comes from spending a few days with the dead.

Dying is nothing. The terrible thing is not to live.

— Victor Hugo

Food Specials (Saturday and Sunday)

Chicken or Mushrooms in Black Mole Sauce w/Rice and Pan De Muerto — $10

Tamales (pork, cheese, or plain) w/dry chili salsa – 2 for $6

Drink Specials

Pomegranate Margarita — $5

Apple Cider Margarita — $5

Apple Pumpkin Shandy — $5

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