Specials for Weekend 10.20.23

We are sickened by the chaos in Gaza, the ongoing, grinding struggle in Ukraine, the casual violence we do to one another everywhere, it seems. It commands so much of the attention, the horror of this world, because it is anomalous. The true condition of this human world is one in which we are bound to one another by a love so great we notice it less than we do the act of breathing.


There are names for what binds us:

strong forces, weak forces.

Look around, you can see them:

the skin that forms in a half-empty cup,

nails rusting into the places they join,

joints dovetailed on their own weight.

The way things stay so solidly

wherever they’ve been set down —

and gravity, scientists say, is weak.

And see how the flesh grows back

across a wound, with a great vehemence,

more strong

than the simple, untested surface before.

There’s a name for it on horses,

when it comes back darker and raised: proud flesh,

as all flesh,

is proud of its wounds, wears them

as honors given out after battle,

small triumphs pinned to the chest —

And when two people have loved each other

see how it is like a

scar between their bodies,

stronger, darker, and proud;

how the black cord makes of them a single fabric

that nothing can tear or mend.

–Jane Hirshfield

There is no hate without love, but the opposite is not true, they are not two sides of a coin, but a sickness that grows on fertile ground we have left unattended.

No food specials, sorry! We will be back next weekend with a Halloween Party and plenty of snacks…

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