Specials for Weekend 9.15.23

Complaining about Lockport is a habit common to Lockportians, or at least those born here. It’s a social bonding mechanism, I think, a learned habit, and one that we’ve been tempted to join in since we moved here 17 years ago—when you are sitting at a party and everyone is talking about how there is nothing to do here, and you point out that there is in fact all kinds of cool stuff happening just about every weekend, and there so many places to go, nature to see, farm fresh food everywhere, people with strange and fascinating hobbies, and that it’s even affordable, well, you pretty much kill the mood and people start talking about something else. Anyway, we’ve lived many places, and this is a good one, so cheers.

The sky at sunset –

a little alcohol would taste so good.

–Santoka Taneda

Food specials: these are for FRIDAY ONLY, have to go to a birthday party on Saturday.

Spaghetti Burrito: No really, spaghetti and meat sauce (or vegetarian) w/Mozz, wrapped in a burrito, pan fried, then toasted with olive oil and garlic powder. — $10

Matabarak: Indonesian leek and onion flat dumplings w/sweet soy sipping sauce — $5

Sunday: Breakfast sandwich and a Bloody May or Mimosa $10.

Snacks and blue shots during the game.

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