Specials for Weekend 8.31.23

Labor day weekend, the hinge between Summer and Fall, is meant to be a celebration of those who work as opposed to those who make a living owning things, and is a nation-wide holiday thanks to Grover Cleveland, who made Labor Day a Federal holiday in 1894. He made the decision at least in part because of the Panic of 1893, which started a severe 4 year economic depression, and also because of the Pullman Strike of railroad workers— but it didn’t help Cleveland much, as William McKinley was elected in 1897. Nonetheless, the holiday grew into the end of Summer celebration we have now, so yay Grover.

We will celebrate on Sunday with a cookout in the Grove and some music from Johnny Lang.

Labor Day

Even the bosses are sleeping late

in the dusty light of September.

The parking lot’s empty and no one cares.

No one unloads a ladder, steps on the gas

or starts up the big machines in the shop,

sanding and grinding, cutting and binding.

No one lays a flat bead of flux over a metal seam

or lowers the steel forks from a tailgate.

Shadows gather inside the sleeve

of the empty thermos beside the sink,

the bells go still by the channel buoy,

the wind lies down in the west,

the tuna boats rest on their tie-up lines

turning a little, this way and that.

–Joseph Millar

Food Specials:

BBQ Spaghetti – a Memphis treat, BBQ pork in a tomato-bbq sauce over spaghetti. They don’t add cheese in Memphis, but we will if you ask. — $10

Black-Eyed Pea Fritters w/dry chili salsa — $5

Hearts of Palm salad w/tomato, scallions, and greens — $5/$7

Drink Specials: We’re in a bourbon mood at the end of the Summer…

Gold Rush: Bourbon, Lemon Juice, Honey Syrup — $5.50

Summer Sour: Bourbon, Sour Mix, Soda — $5.50

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