Specials for Weekend 7.21.23

A nice storm rolling by outside, pushing some heat and pressure down the road for a few hours, anyway. Friday is Drukpa Tsheshi, the anniversary of the Buddha’s first sermon in the deer park, so cheers to anyone who breaks free from samsara, come on in and we’ll buy you a cocktail. Tomorrow, Andy Swift will host Open Mic in the grove, 7-10 pm, get that electric kazoo out of storage and join us!

    We’ll have the following food specials on Friday 6pm to 11pm, Saturday 12pm – 2pm, and then Sunday all day, if any are left. Saturday evening, the kitchen staff are headed to Rochester for the Masters of the Mic tour, and yes, you are jealous.

    Bury me when I die
    beneath a wine barrel
    in a tavern.
    With luck
    the cask will leak.

    –Moriya Sen’an

    Food specials:

    Tater Tot Discotine: shredded cheese and poutine gravy over tater tots. Scallion and jalapeno optional. –$7

    Mexican Street Corn Salad: w/Hiller’s sweet corn — $5/$7 small/large

    Peach, White Bean, and Radish salad — $5/$7 small/large

    Gazpacho — $3.50/$5 cup/bowl

    Also on Sunday: breakfast sandwich and a Bloody Mary or Mimosa $10

    Drink Specials:

    Kalimotxo — red wine + cola (seriously, this is super) $5

    Tinto de Verano – red wine + lemon lime soda $5

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