Specials for Weekend 7.8.23

Working Man String Band is playing Friday evening outside in the Grove, so one of the cooks will be doing that instead of making food specials. Saturday and Sunday, however, game on. We really really really hope that rain will grace us soon and take some of this thick heat away, so the specials this weekend are offerings to the rain gods, as well being tasty for the rest of us.


Rain, I have all your books. I’ve read them to pieces.

I quote them in the weather forecast.

I read them to children in rubber boots.

I fall back on them when my existence is on hold.

You locked me away, sometimes weeks on end,

in leaky tents and wooden cottages.

You made circles on the pond

and the big scavenger hunt fell flat.

I really think I love you, rain,

because you’ve been falling for so long now and no one

picks you up. There’s a gale today. Just now

you turned my face-painted daughters

into run-through clowns. They cried,

they still don’t understand what a gift

you were, the night their mother

stayed overnight as you fell and fell and fell

until after the very last train.

–Ingmar Heytze

Food Specials:

Smoked Lamb Icelandic Style – Brined and Smoked Leg of Lamb w/Red Potatoes and Horseradish Bechamel — $10

Shrimp and Cheese Empanadas – w/Crema and Dry Chili Salsa — $5

Malaysian-style Rojak Pineapple Salad – Pineapple, Cucumber, Chilis, Peanuts, Tamarind Dressing — $5/$7

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