Specials for weekend 6.16.23

Well, it’s kind of Summerish out there, what month is it again? Not sure whether to sweat or shiver or both. Happy Juneteenth, Happy Father’s Day, Happy Bunker Hill Day (really!), and happy day above ground. Not that sadness, anger, and all the other emotions are not worth feeling, they just seem odd to wish up on another: have a Disappointing Christmas! Be very Afraid on President’s Day! Actually, that sounds kind of fun….

That which was Great

to A. and O. Wat

That which was great seemed to be small,

Kingdoms faded like snow-covered brass.

That which struck down, no longer strikes.

Heavenly earths roll on and shine.

On the banks of a river, sprawled in the grass,

Like long long ago, I launch pieces of bark.

–Czesław Miłosz

What’s happening at the Grove this weekend? Well, we have the Working Man String Band at 7pm on Friday, outside if weather is favorable, and then the following food and drink specials, until they run out:

Thai Beef Salad (Yum Nua): Slices of Ribeye in a spicy Thai Dressing w/tomato, cucumber, basil, mint, and greens: $10

Crispy Mushroom and Cabbage Spring Rolls: 2 for $5

Mexican Corn and Green Bean Salad: $5/$7

No breakfast sandwiches on Sunday as the cook is off to see his dad for Father’s Day.

Drink Specials:

River Boyne Fizz – Irish Whiskey, lemon juice, honey, bitters, tonic – so refreshing! $5

Mezcal Negroni – Mezcal, sweet vermouth, Campari – $5

Rye Boulevardier – Rye, sweet vermouth, Campari – $5

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