Specials for Weekend 3.25.23

A “Hooley” means both “a party” and “strong winds,” and it looks like we will have some of each definition this Saturday. We also have a building in which to shelter from any strong winds while carousing, one that also contains food and drink and, from 4-6 pm, some Celtic music from Working Man String Band. To work, then, we’ve a Hooley to get ready for!

“Go on now and I’ll see you from this day stewing my oatmeal and washing my spuds, for I’m master of all fights from now.”

― J.M. Synge

Food specials:

Lamb Stew w/Oatmeal Soda bread — $10 Excellent lamb from Mc-B’s Farm!

Boxty with Honey and Creme Fraiche – 2 for $5 – add Whiskey Cured Salmon – $3

Leek and Potato Soup — $3.50/$5

Drink Specials:

Navigator shots – $4 (Jameson in an Irish Cream Stout) in honor of all the navigators who built the Erie Canal

Green Tea or Irish Whiskey – shots $3

Magner’s, Smithwicks, Southern Tier Irish Cream Stout – $4

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