Specials for Weekend 3.3.23

We will have specials on Friday for those who observe the no-meat Lenten thing, though we do not adhere to this restriction ourselves, we respect the commitments of others—and because we really like seafood.

Crazy About Her Shrimp

We don’t even take time

To come up for air.

We keep our mouths full and busy

Eating bread and cheese

And smooching in between.

No sooner have we made love

Than we are back in the kitchen.

While I chop the hot peppers,

She grins at me

And stirs the shrimp on the stove.

How good the wine tastes

That has run red

Out of a laughing mouth!

Down her chin

And on to her naked tits.

“I’m getting fat,” she says,

Turning this way and that way

Before the mirror.

“I’m crazy about her shrimp!’

I shout to the gods above.

– Charles Simic

No specials Saturday, the cook is taking a day to stare out the window and polish his frisbees. We will have breakfast sandwiches and Bloody Marys on Sunday, of course!

Food Specials for Friday:

Shrimp Fried Rice (we put a little curry in ours…) — $10

Veggie Fried Rice (V) — $7

Drink Specials:

Ellicotville Tailgate Time IPA – 16 oz cans $5

Brooklyn Bel Air Sour – 12 oz bottles $4

Sunday: Breakfast sandwich and a bloody mary $10

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