Specials for Weekend 2.17.23

Ah, Presidents’ Day Weekend! The best party, celebrating George Washington, with Abe Lincoln along for the ride, by having half-price carpet remnant sales and complaining about people who have it off. Hooray! We should bring back the Julian Calendar for the day, since George was born before the change to Gregorian. And then let’s all switch to the Hanke–Henry Permanent Calendar, which would mean every calendar date falling on the same day every year, and the end of time zones, and….

In any case, we will be open all weekend.

Food specials:

North African Cabbage Rolls (rice and lemon chicken in spicy tomato sauce) – 3 for $10

Arancini w/Mozz and Peas in spicy tomato sauce — $2 for $6

Drink specials:

Ellicotville Tailgate Time IPA – 16 oz cans $5

Brooklyn Bel Air Sour – 12 oz bottles $4

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