Specials for Weekend 1.27.2023

So many things! Life can seem so busy, so overfull of things, all going in different directions at the same time, and yet we seem to spend so much time waiting, or wondering what it was we just did—if it really happened at all. Ah well. Stepping outside of the rush is a skill to be nurtured, to become aware of time, and how it makes us:

“The mercy of the world is time. Time does not stop for love, but it does not stop for death and grief, either. After death and grief that (it seems) ought to have stopped the world, the world goes on. More things happen. And some of the things that happen are good.”

–Wendell Berry

Step away, take a breath.

No food specials Friday, the kitchen folks will be away at a multi-birthday dinner. On Saturday Evening & Sunday, however, we will have Music! Working Man String Band will rip it up at 8pm, so come on down and move all the many things. Also Saturday eve, food specials:

Japanese Beef Stew (Nikuja) w/rice — $10

Japanese Eggplant Stew w/rice — $10 (v)

Drink Specials: Jack Rose: Applejack, lemon juice, grenadine $4

Applejack Rabbit: Applejack, lemon juice, orange juice, maple syrup $4

And on Sunday, as is our habit, breakfast sandwiches and bloody marys or mimosas or aperol spritz– $10

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