Specials for Weekend 1.13.23

Hey, Friday the 13th! Good luck, unless you are a teenager in your underwear at summer camp. Some of us are superstitious at the Grove, some are not, and some are not but agree, “why take the chance?” as they throw salt over their shoulder. Luck is not real, but then of course it is, our minds furiously working out the pattern that just must be there, why else would that person win the prize, and that one end up in gutter? And so we pray, and rub rabbit’s feet, and all the other tricks to bend the story our way, make the pattern fit, the world seem just. Making food and drink counts here as well, of course, these little offerings we hope might help tilt the scales a bit if only by making a full and happy belly, a warm and settled mind.

Food specials:

African Chicken and Peanut stew w/Rice and FuFu — $10

Spinach and Cheese Empanadas w/Guajillo sauce – 2 for $5

Hearts of Palm Salad w/tomato, onion, lemon garlic dressing — $5/$7 small/large

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