Specials for Weekend 12.30.22

Another year! Congratulate yourself, then get ready for the next one. We have many things going on this weekend, and we will be closed on Sunday, but we still have time for a treat we’ve been meaning to try: Korean corn dogs. So come on down and try them with us, and enjoy Lang’s Bangs Sound System DJing on Friday night, 8-11.

We will close early on New Year’s Eve, 9 or so, so we can go home and light little bits of paper on fire. We do this every year: some of the papers have things we did not like about the last year, some have things we did like, and some are wishes for the coming year, and we turn them into smoke and ash so they might wander the universe.


The house of the poet Matsuo burnt down

In far away Edo, several centuries ago.

A plane tree he lovingly tended to

Survived the fire.

From then on the Buddhist monk

Went by its name on all the roads of Japan,

Basho he used to be called.

In Twis, Arkansas, in 1949,

Two men who were fighting for a woman

Died in a bar consumed by fire.

The woman’s name was Lucille.

In the bar an old tractor driver from Indianola sang,

The old B.B. King

Who could only rescue his guitar,

He called it Lucille and made it famous in the Blues.

Maybe Time is that fire that merges memory

From which we only rescue love.

–Julián Malatesta

Food Specials:

Korean Corn Dog – Hot dog and cheese battered and fried — plain, or with potato, or with crushed ramen noodles. Vegetarian version is just cheese. Topped with ketchup, mustard, and a sprinkle of sugar. $5 or 2 for $7.

Drink Specials:

The Joey Ramone: Applejack, fresh lime juice, grape juice. $4.50

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