Specials for weekend 12.9.22

A year ago, we had just finished painting the walls here, printed out our temporary liquor license, and were stumbling through the maze of distributors for beer and liquor, in hopes of opening soon. And two days later, we did. We only had about half the liquor shelves full, and only a few beers to offer, but people started coming in the minute we opened the door, and we could not be more grateful.

So, as is our wont, we’re going to celebrate. December 10th, from 2pm-ish until we close, we’ll have a pot luck and play the jukebox and every other bar game we can find and watch old Christmas movies and generally give thanks. Join us!

That said, there will be no food or drink specials, other than the breakfast sandwich / bloody mary combo on Sunday, which we’ve done enough now that we just need to put it on the menu.

The following weekend, the cooks are taking time to put up their Tree and hang with the family, so no specials then either, though we reserve the right to put trays of cookies and pakoras and whatever else strikes our fancy out for people to graze on.

Thank you again for patronizing Hawley’s, and making it a place we feel good about.

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