Specials for Weekend 11.25.22

We are fans of the beautiful game here at the Grove, and also of giving thanks—more or less constantly, but on days devoted to such, even moreso. So we will be closed for the Thanksgiving holiday, and the Bills will win and we will sleep on the couch, but we’ll be open promptly at 11am on Friday to watch the World Cup. At 2pm, England meets the USA, so the specials will start then (rather than at 6pm), in honor of the match.

The following weekend, we will have a Blues band on Friday, and a Bluegrass band on Saturday, and more specials with a World Cup flavor, maybe some Camaroonian chicken stew and Brazilian hearts of palm salad… but we’ll see what match seems the most interesting.

Food Specials:

Hot Dogs – 2 for $5, add slaw $1, meat sauce $1. Add some french fries, another $1.

Beans on Toast — $5, add a fried egg for $1.

Welsh Rarebit – w/tomato cucumber salad –$5.

Drink Specials: come look at the board!

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