Specials for Weekend 11.18.22

What to do for Snowpocalypse II? Buy all the lettuce, apparently—had to stop at the grocery store and was amazed to see not a head of lettuce to be found. Bags of mix a-plenty, but why are all the heads gone? It reminded me of Y2K, when I saw people with 2 and 3 full carts of canned goods lined up in queues that stretched to the back of the store. Perhaps in some multiverse, the world ended that day, but more likely, we like to imagine the world ending and get all worked up because it’s something to do, and makes us feel less lonely.

Snow is what it does.

It falls and it stays and it goes.

It melts and it is here somewhere.

We all will get there.

–Frederick Seidel

So, what to do for Snowpocalypse II? Why, eat and drink and give thanks, of course.

Food Specials:

Chilaquiles Verde (tortilla chips in green salsa) — $5 add Chicken $3, Roasted Squash $2, an Egg $1

Croque Monsieur Bread Pudding — $5

Chicken Livers w/White Gravy — $5

Drink Specials: Pomegranate Apple Cider Spritz and Apple Cinnamon Whiskey Sour

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