Specials for Weekend 11.11.22

That was a seriously vibrant moon outside the other night. It was all I could do to keep from stripping naked and running off into the woods, howling. It’s all I can do to stop that from happening most nights, but usually the moon isn’t swelling up in front of my face and shouting, “go for it!”

no westward facing

pissing tonight…

bright moon


Making food specials from the woods, clothed in mud, would be tricky, though, so back inside I went.

Food Specials:

Korean Fire Chicken – Chicken and Tteok (kind of rice noodle cake thing), in sweet spicy sauce, covered with Cheese and Scallions — $10

Vegan Wings – made from Seitan (kind of gluten), served like chicken wings (no vegan Blue Cheese, sorry!) — 5 for $7, 10 for $13

Broccoli, Leek, and Cheddar Quiche — $5

Drink Specials: Apple Cider Manhattan $5.50 and Mezcal Cider Margarita $5.50

Sunday only: Breakfast Sandwiches + Bloody Mary ($10 well, $12 call) or + Mimosa ($12)

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