Specials for weekend 10.21.22

Well, that was a fine wedding! The bride even helped put the groom through a folding table, while a cardboard cut out of Josh Allen looked on, approvingly. Have a wonderful life together, guys.

What do we live for, if not to make life less difficult for each other? –George Eliot

Back to it! We have Andy Swift hosting open mic on Friday, please come on down and join him for a song or three, and then ext week we will have our Halloween party on Friday, with the Superbummers playing scary tunes, costume contests, plenty of food and drink, and celebration of the netherworld and all the other worlds we so often forget about.

We’re feeling a hankering for curry, and also have some lovely McB’s farm lamb, so, Rogan Josh it is! Rogan Josh is a Kashmiry curry, more fragrant than spicy, but still with a bit of heat.

Food Specials:

Rogan Josh (Lamb or Eggplant (v)) w/Rice, naan, carrot achar – $10

Pakoras (onion, spinach, green bean) – $5

And Happy Birthday, Tony. We promise not to celebrate, though fingers could be crossed.

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