Specials for Weekend 10.7.22

Strange times! Not that we’ve anything but the second hand accounts of others to compare with, but it certainly seems strange times are afoot. Without those second hand accounts, though, we would be truly lost. In Frazer’s Golden Bough, he describes a ritual:

From the Lover’s Leap, a white bluff at the southern end of their island, the Leucadians used annually to hurl a criminal into the sea as a scapegoat. But to lighten his fall they fastened live birds and feathers to him, and a flotilla of small boats waited below to catch him and convey him beyond the boundary. Probably these humane precautions were a mitigation of an earlier custom of flinging the scapegoat into the sea to drown.

Maybe as we search for our own scapegoats to blame and adorn with the sins of the tribe, as we flip through our phones and look for behavior that disgusts our righteous hearts, we could try to remember and be a little more human—a little more of our species—and that even the ritual of blame is so often just a bit of theater to appease such Gods as would demand something so petty.

Food specials!

Horseshoe Sandwich – a specialty of Springfield, IL! Texas toast topped with dry chili salsa, ham, french fries, and cheddar beer sauce. $7 Single / $10 double

Kimchi and Cheese Egg Rolls (v) – 2 for $5

Eggplant Fritters (v) – $5

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