Specials 9.9.22

Games are so important. The competition, the winning and losing, is just part of the story we tell about the game, the story is the thing, within the space of game we can enact all kinds of drama without it mattering the same way that, say, war does. The game is a sacred space, a cathedral in time, and to all those folks who put together the tailgate fest in downtown Lockport today, we offer a raised glass. Thanks for helping us all worship this weird ass story we all are part of, and for helping us add to it.

Ok, Food specials:

Chicken or Cauliflower Makhani (aka Butter Chicken or Cauliflower) – w/rice and naan and pickled stuff. $10

Quinoa salad w/summer squash and zucchini and peppers – $3 small / $5 large

Drink specials – one last grasp at warm weather – Aperol Spritz $5, Mimosa $5

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