Specials for Weekend 8.26.22

Dracula’s Castle, just outside of Brasov, Romania, is not really where Dracula lives (that’s a secret). It’s not even where Vlad the Impaler lived, but it is a pretty cool and somewhat creepy place that is fun to visit, and hosts some interesting events. In the town down the hill is a little tourist town, where they sell, among other things, the little skinless garlicky sausages called “mici” (meech), or “mititei,” for reasons I do not understand. But they are delicious street food, and we have made them before at the Grove, and will make them again this weekend because yum.

“If we could truly see ourselves the way others see us we’d disappear on the spot.”

― Émile Michel Cioran

We will be closed Saturday for a private party. Specials available Friday and Sunday.

Food Specials:

Mititei (mici) – 3 for $5, served with mustard and pickle and flatbread, add fries for $2

Eggplant Fritters (Melitzanokeftedes – Ha! Say that 3 times fast) w/Tzatziki – $5

Beet and Olive Salad w/Feta and Almonds – $2/$3/$5

Drink Specials:

Martinis (or martoonis depending on the hour) – we have olives, cocktail onions, hot peppers, and cherry tomatoes for garnish and dirtying up your glass. We have an Indigo gin which tastes divine and is purple to boot as well as several different vodkas and even tequila for those inclined to go against the grain.

Blueberry Lemonades – you pick the liquor. It’s delicious with everything we’ve paired it with.

(for both, price depends on choice of liquor)

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