Specials for Weekend 7.8.22

One of the things we did not expect when opening a bar was the number of people who would give us things to help decorate, to make the bar beautiful, in all the senses of that word: sublime, ridiculous, interesting, crass, kind. That instinct to share the experience of beauty runs deep, and is best savored with humility. As poet Robinson Jeffers wrote:

“I think that one may contribute (ever so slightly) to the beauty of things by making one’s own life and environment beautiful, so far as one’s power reaches. This includes moral beauty, one of the qualities of humanity, though it seems not to appear elsewhere in the universe. But I would have each person realize that their contribution is not important, its success not really a matter for exultation nor its failure for mourning; the beauty of things is sufficient without them.”

Thanks for all the help making Hawley’s a comfortable place to exist.

Food specials:

Mexican Shrimp Cocktail – $11

Matabarak (Indonesian Onion Wontons) w/Sweet Sambal sauce– $5

Chilled Borscht w/Cucumbers, Onion, and Sour Cream – cup 3$/bowl 5$

Drink Specials: Daiquiris, Margaritas, Sours – all built on the same simple recipe – well $4/call 5$

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