Specials for Weekend 7.1.22

We will be closed July 4th, please enjoy yourselves wisely and with empathy for others. During the weekend prior, we will have food and drink, of course, which led to ponder, what is American food? Why, hot dogs and hamburgers, of course, and green bean casserole, and baked beans, and also sweet potato pie and burritos and chow mein and jollof rice and schnitzel and pho and larb and rogan josh, because these are the foods Americans eat. Our diversity and willingness to accept new ways of seeing the world—as long as these ways do not seek to deny that very diversity—are truly what has always set us apart from other nations, it is our core strength as a citizenry, even if we often lose sight of that fact.

That is why we can gather with friends and celebrate the Great American Experiment, in all it’s beauty and all it’s ugliness. We have always felt that acknowledging the awful things done in the name of the United States are an important part of celebrating it, as is lauding all the wonders and victories. Surely we are strong enough to carry the whole story in our heads, and feel pride, while understanding the sacrifices made to allow us to feel that way.

Food specials:

Chicken Ketchacola w/Tater Tots (or on top of the tots with a little cotija cheese, of you feel extra-patriotic)
– $7

Fried Cauliflower Buffalo-style w/Blue Cheese – $5

Drink Specials:

Boilermaker – Southern Tier Irish Cream Stout with a shot of whiskey $4.50 well, $5.25 call

Aperol Spritz (Aperol, prosecco, soda) – $5.50

Kalimotxo (red wine & cola) – $4.50

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