Specials for Weekend 6.17.2022

How disappointing, we expected tornadoes and instead, just more humidity. Maybe by the time I am done writing this, it will at least rain a bit. Somehow, expecting a tornado and getting no relief instead seems a great metaphor for something: adulthood? No idea. This thick air slows the brain…

Suppose someone standing by a clear, sweet spring were to curse it: it just keeps right on bringing drinkable water bubbling up to the surface. –Marcus Aurelius

Food Specials:

Beef heart w/Chimichurri Rojo and Street Corn Salad – $10

Fried Chicken Livers w/White Gravy and a Biscuit –$7

Greek Macaroni Salad (v) – $3 side, $5 small, $7 large

Drink Specials:

Kalimoxto! Red Wine and Cola (it’s really good). – $4.50

Also, we will start sign-up for the Yard Game Pentathlon tomorrow, details to follow!

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