Specials for Thursday and the Weekend 5.6.22

Yay, General Zaragoza! Hooray, ragtag bunch of Mexican soldiers fighting off the French Army! That’s why we celebrate, of course. Why not just have a holiday for the inventor of the Margarita? Because no one is quite sure who done it…

For Cinco de Mayo and the rest of the weekend:


Chicken Mole Stew w/zucchini and green beans and a hunk of cheddar jalapeno corn bread – $7

Tamales, Pork or Cheese and Chipotle (v) w/guajillo salsa – $3 each

Drinks: Negro Modelo bottles, Classic Margaritas, Tequila Sunrises, and Batangas!

Kentucky Derby Day: Mint Juleps + tequila specials

And come on in after brunch or breakfast in bed and get Mom what what she really wants:

French Toast Shot or a Mint Julep or some tequila!

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