Specials for Weekend 4.22.22

Alliteration is a wonderfully supple poetic device, rhythmic and mnemonic and we wouldn’t have Beowulf without it, but it does NOT restrict us to Tacos on Tuesday only.

So, starting at 6pm Friday until they are gone:

Taco de Lengua (beef tongue) w/pickled onion, cilantro, guajillo salsa.

Chicken and Chorizo Taco w/onion, cilantro, Crema.

Shrimp Taco w/pickled jalapeno, spicy slaw, Crema.

Potato, Corn, and Mushroom (huitlacoche) Taco w/pickled onion, cilantro, guajillo salsa.

$3 each, except the Shrimp Taco, which is $4.

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