Specials and the Hooley, 3.26.2022

Yes, we are having a Hooley no matter what the weather does, we have a whole building and such so we can move it inside if need be. The Bummers etc will play some Celtic stuff, and some Irish rock and country stuff, and they like to move it move it, so fun will be had. And the whole West End will be one huge party, so to hell with the rain.

Same specials as last week! Why? Because that was the plan, see what folks liked on St Patrick’s Dat, then make more for our second St Patrick’s Day. We promise to make many, many more Scotch Eggs this time since they sold out in 2 hours last time.


Irish Lamb Stew w/Brown Bread – $10 Excellent lamb from Mc-B’s Farm !

Boxty with Honey and Creme Fraiche – 2 for $5 – add Dill Cured Salmon – $2

Scotch Eggs w/Mustard or Dragon Sauce– 2 for $6


$4 Magner’s Irish Cider, Smithwicks, and Southern Tier Irish Cream Stout

$3 Green Tea or Irish Whiskey shots

$5 Navigator Shots (Jameson and Irish Cream dropped in an Irish Cream Stout)

(in honor of all the Navigators who built the Erie Canal)


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