Specials for Weekend 3.11.22

Well, the World Wide Web turns 33 years old on Saturday, and since I can google “famous people who died at 33,” I know this might be the last list of specials you can read via HTTP. We have a BBS set up just in case.

Specials as of 6 pm Friday night:

  • Chicken Karaage with lime-coconut rice salad. $7.

Thanks to the World Wide Web, I can even use the Japanese characters for Fried Chicken, with knowing how to read it even a little: から揚げ

  • Anticuchos with roasted potatoes and Aji Amarillo dipping sauce. 2 skewers for $5.

Ray keeps bringing us beef heart, and we keep making these skewers.

  • Chilled Soba Noodle salad $5 (V)

And don’t forget the Baggs Jazz Project, Friday at 8pm!

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