Specials for Weekend 3.5.2022

The date is not a typo, no specials on Friday, the cook is taking a break. On Saturday and Sunday, however…

Tater Tot Discotine $7

Is it poutine? Is it disco fries? Both and neither. We really have no side in the fight between adherents of poutine and those of disco fries, whoever first put gravy AND cheese on some fried potatoes deserves praise for making the world a better place. We are using shredded cheese and pouring the gravy over rather than tossing, like with disco fries, but that poutine gravy is so good, and what the hell, we are serving it over tater tots so whatever. It fills the belly.

Baba Ganouj w/Flatbread, Feta, and Tzatziki $5

Pakoras (onion, spinach, green bean, peppers) w/Tamarind dipping sauce $5

Soups: Thai Curry Tomato, Cuban Black Bean.


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