1.14.2022 Specials

Specials for 1.14.22 weekend

Happy gut bomb weekend! Yes, it is a National Holiday, we should all have the weekend off, and don’t forget the traditional gift of a jar of prunes.

Cincinnati Chili (regular or vegetarian version)

Small $6 Large $10

Served over spaghetti. Add onions, oyster crackers, beans, cheese, sour cream as you wish.

Wontons, all 5 for $5:

Cheeseburger; Buffalo Chicken; Mexican cheese (v); Leek (v)

Sweet and Sour Chicken and Bacon Empanadas

3 of $5

Scotch Eggs

2 for $6

Veeta Bombs (Velveeta and sausage coated in crushed Doritos, deep fried.

And yes, we have a vegetarian version, if you can really call Velveeta vegetarian)

5 for $5

Go Bills!

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